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This is an emerging gallery of creative responses to our challenging age brought together by The Great Imagining.
We are only just beginning to get some shared awareness of our multiple global predicaments.
These are invitations to honour our living world, and the ecosystems that we depend on.
They are available to be owned with your money going towards The Great Imagining education programmes.

Established over 15 years ago, our charity is helping young people

to inspire their communities and take action towards a Greener, Fairer, Wiser future. 

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Marisa Culatto is a multimedia artist born in the Canary Islands and based in the UK. Nature, constraints, domesticity and daily rituals are at the centre of her practice. She is also interested in the notion of reality being a construct, and, therefore, much of her work addresses contradictions, misperceptions and/or a degree of visual ambiguity. And because of her ambivalent relationship with the photographic medium, she has often explored photography itself as subject. Culatto has exhibited her work internationally in numerous solo and group exhibitions.
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