Thinklopedia topic books

The Future of Farming and Agriculture

New state of the art methods, information and thinking as well as case studies around agriculture, agroforestry, permaculture, aquaculture, soil, machinery, landownership both nationally and internationally. It will include case studies on different size and scale of farming, different ecosystems and will touch on finance - government and trade agreement funding and subsidies.

The Future of Food

History, geography, culture, logistics and importance of food from herbs, spices, to origins of common foodstuffs like chocolate as well as indigenous cooking techniques from all over the world (recipe collecting). This will cover supply chains, carbon footprints, water tables and other environmental impacts.

The Future of Textiles

Supply chains, fashion industry, fashion archive, (folk-costume collecting), geography, history, sociology and politics of clothing. Including repurposing, repairing and loaning.

The Future of Design, Material Culture and Waste

Exploring the stuff in the world and the magical nature of materials. Exploring supply chains, industrial extraction processes and geography, history, sociology and politics of our mateial culture

The Future of our Built Environment

How do our urban (as well as rural) environments look the way they do? What is the process of urban planning, the carbon footprint of materials, case studies of new ways of thinking about the planning for a regenerative society. This topic will cover architecture, building materials, urban and rural transport systems and civic spaces.

The Future of Education and life long learning

History, geography and philosophy of different structures of education and how they enable and empower us towards our common good and our greener, fairer and wiser world.

The Future of Power & Energy

What is power and energy, what do we need it for and what are the sources of our power and energy and their ecological impact. What does energy look like in a balanced regenerated world.

The Future of Economics & Finance

Introduction to the history of economic theories, finance and money leading to contemporary thinking around money and economic theory from debt to doughnut economics.

The Future of Culture, Leisure, Travel & Tourism

Introduction to how we spend our leisure time and non work time, the impact of these behaviours on our ecosystems and how we might live in the future. This will include technology, travel, culture, art and will touch on life long learning. This topic will unpack community and how we live our lives.

The Future of Politics

Introduction to citizenship in 2022 and how we have organised ourselves through time from local to global and how we can organise ourselves for a regenerative future. This topic will look at the envrionmental impact of war and the military and the worlds nuclear strategy. This topic will look at democracy as a concept through time and how our political structures can work more effectively for a greener, fairer, wiser future.