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Imagination Pathways

Design and Engineering

This pathway will explore graphics, design, engineering, technical and architectural drawing and model making. It will include skills training but will be focused on pragmatic problem solving.

Film, Theatre, Puppetry and Clowning

This pathway will enable students to explore their ideas in film theatre, puppetry or puppet theatre. We will provide inspirational masterclasses from performance.

Music, Cooking, Gardening and Sensory Art

This pathway will explore self expression through the senses of sound, taste or smell. This pathway will explore ideas through different sensory stimuli and find a way of expressing this to the audience as well as provide evidence on the digital platform.

Symposiums and activism

This pathway will empower students to explore for themselves and have experience of producing think tanks, podcasts, democratic discussion, citizens assembly, community organising, debates, policy making and manifestos.

The Museum of the Future

This pathway will explore techniques of displaying information, statistics and objects that tell stories and empower the audience to understand the complex world we now all live in. It could include objects collected from the community, models of town planning or mapping exercises.

Visual Arts and Crafts

This pathway will inspire visual expressions of The Great Imagining and will be informed, inspired and led by experts from visual arts, sculpture, installation, relational aesthetics, film and performance. The pathway will also explore more obscure vocational crafts such as corn weaving, embroidery and darning, ceramics and woodwork.

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