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This is an emerging gallery of creative responses to our challenging age brought together by The Great Imagining.
We are only just beginning to get some shared awareness of our multiple global predicaments.
These are invitations to honour our living world, and the ecosystems that we depend on.
They are available to be owned with your money going towards The Great Imagining education programmes.

Established over 15 years ago, our charity is helping young people

to inspire their communities and take action towards a Greener, Fairer, Wiser future. 

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Frankie Turk is an artist, activist and academic, working to develop the kinds of care, community and imagination needed to tackle the interwoven issues of today. She is a founding member of RE-PEAT and a MSc International Land and Water Management student at Wageningen Frankie is inspired by how peatland ecosystems give life in unexpected ways. Through holding plants in a state of semi-decomposition under the ground, they also support life above ground. RE-PEAT is a youth-led collective established in 2020, with the mission is to support transformative narratives around peatlands
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