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4th weekend - 4th to 7th January 2024

Systems thinking with Deborah Curtis. Collaging the Future with Carolyn Gowdy. Internal and External worlds with Jake Franks. Power Station presentation with Leonie Rousham. Death and Wellbeing with celebrant and death expert Debbie Malynn. Urban Trees and the way we breath Storytelling Workshop with Oliver Wallace from Patchlarks. In Death is Life film Q & A with Frankie Turk. Richard Corrin with The Art of Meditation. Outsider Music with Niamh Haper. Ninja Jamm workshop with Matt Black the founder of Ninja Records. Instrumental Jamm closing ceremony

Also including craft, textiles and collage workshops with Cloud Dare and CraftAnoon as well as Letters to the Earth, Climate card games, music soundtrack by Zivi Sainsbury, Waterbear film programmes, The Great Imagining Library with Journalism and writing workshops. 

Including ideas Boards, infographics, Beautiful Trouble and Forest School card games, TGI library, Misplaced Museum, Cabinet of Curiosities, Media Centre - Editors Office. All served with free coffee, tea and delicious Greek stews made by ethical food manufacturers and long term collaborators, Gaia Pulses, 

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