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This topic will explore ideas around how governments and decision-making works locally, regionally, nationally and internationally. What are the institutions and structures that are used to organise laws, criminal justice systems and regulations. how can these empower a fairer human world, with more kindness and compassion towards ourselves, each other and the species we coexist with. What is meant by democracy and citizenship? What is the history of rights and responsibilities that are often taken for granted or can lead to disagreements, civil unrest or even war if not managed effectively?

The topic will explore communities such as ancient and contemporary indigenous communities who have a very different way of organising themselves. What is democracy as a concept and where are its roots and origins? How we have organised ourselves through time from local to global and how we can organise ourselves for a regenerative future - how do we evolve written or unwritten constitutions around boundaries, borders, natural resources and disputes? How our political structures work more effectively towards a greener, fairer, wiser future?

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