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In collaboration with Hypha Studios and Free Art School E20

50 Celebration Avenue, Stratford, E20 1DB 30th Nov to the 7th Jan 2024

See information about the daily programmes here:

30th to 3rd Dec

7th to 10th Dec

14th to 17th Dec

4th to 7th Jan 2024

To coincide with the climate negotiations at COP 28 during the month of December, the community of Newham and the boroughs around East London are invited to explore and engage with the huge issues facing us both locally and globally through a series of experimental talks and workshops. These are facilitated by artists and experts who are empowering the audience to respond and take action. 


Over the course of the month, The Great Imagining team and special guests are running a range of live workshops and talks which will become filmed digital resources for The Great Imagining Thinklopedia (set of online resources). These will include skills training sessions: covering topics such as Systems Thinking; Futures Literacy; Design Thinking; Carbon Literacy; How we Think and How We Collaborate. There will be learning sessions - a range of topics covering everything about our world and how we live and how we could move towards a greener, fairer, wiser future. There are creative opportunities for visitors of all ages to respond to these skills, learning through journalism, art, design, film, puppetry theatre, museum curation and dance.


The space is being temporarily transformed into a playful interactive learning space: feeling like a giant board game. There are a Symposium Lounge, Editor’s Office and a series of ideas boards and workshop spaces with a photographic, film and TV studio.


How does it work?

The space is divided into zones which will cover Land and Sea, Culture, Society, Technology with a Symposium Lounge in the centre. There is a cinema and a soundscape. The days are themed according to topics arising from this structure and include specific themes such as Ancestors Day, TGI Radicles young person’s takeover day and Carbon Literacy Training Day. All symposium and workshop sessions will be bookable by Eventbrite for participants.

There will be food and refreshments available on all days.   

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