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Embark on an aquatic adventure with Live from 2050,

an immersive podcast that explores three thriving ocean habitats

in a future era of abundance and marine conservation.  


Click the link, take a deep breath,

and dive into the future of our oceans:

Launched to mark World Oceans Day on 8th June 2021, 

Live from 2050 is the first in a series of audio 'Sea Stories' created by

The Great Imagining in collaboration with the National Maritime Museum.


The immersive podcast follows two time-travellers as they enter the oceans of 2050.  

With new protective laws having allowed a biodiverse seascape to flourish,

you will experience a world of giant kelp forests, barnacled scientists

and submarines piloted by young marine ambassadors .


For the full nautical immersion, experience Live from 2050

was experienced as you traversed the Maritime Museum’s Great Map,

where the podcast was available to download via QR code.

Live from 2050 has been devised and performed by writer & comedian

Robin Clyfan and storyteller Oliver Wallace, with music by

Oscar-nominated composer Daniel Pemberton

and acclaimed folk musician Sam Lee,

as well as contributions from young performers

Zi Burkinshaw and Maya Mestern.


The project is inspired by 30 x 30,

the campaign to protect 30% of the world’s oceans by 2030

For more Sea Stories subscribe to our mailing list or come back soon:

Alternatively, you can listen to Sea Stories - Live from 2050 by scanning the QR code below.

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