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Hand embroidery on organic cotton base

81cm x 58cm x 61cm


Organic cotton, recycled cotton, banana, pineapple, nettle, cotlin, banana cotton, recycled wool, wool boucle, merino wool, felted cable wool, cotton silk, paper, linen, bamboo, scoured wool, cotton gimp, cotton chenille, second hand threads and more.


The armchair in Warwickshire Tales is the stand out piece in Elizabeth’s graduate collection. Created with a commitment to using a variety of sustainable and natural materials, this armchair is a reflection of Elizabeth's dedication to both environmental responsibility and the preservation of traditional techniques.


Any plastic based threads incorporated into the piece have been either recycled or sourced second-hand, ensuring that no new plastic was used. 


The use of diverse fibres allowed Elizabeth to delve into the characteristics of each natural thread. Engaging with raw textile fibres was a pivotal aspect of her process, providing her with a greater understanding of thread formation. With a hand spinner, she spun her own threads, giving the embroidery a personal touch that reflects the connection between the artist and her materials.


The armchair is adorned with patches of traditional canvaswork embroidery, raisedwork beads to add dimension, giant canvaswork knots to represent forestry and inscriptions of Warwickshire folklore.


Throughout Warwickshire Tales, Elizabeth has created not just a functional object, but a work of art that embodies the spirit of sustainability, the beauty of natural materials, and the tales of Warwickshire.


Elizabeth Connolly, a hand embroiderer raised in Warwickshire, finds inspiration in nature and material. Her connection to her home county is reflected in her graduate collection, Warwickshire Tales, which delves into local folklore using an array of natural and sustainable materials.


During her studies at the Royal School of Needlework, Elizabeth's passion for natural and unconventional materials became a staple of her work. This led her to explore resourceful and environmentally conscious sourcing methods, constantly mindful of the world around her.


Elizabeth's approach to embroidery is both explorative and innovative. By engaging with diverse and raw textile fibres, she has gained an understanding of the materials she works with, enhancing the depth of her embroidery. 


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Warwickshire Tales Armchair

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