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Giclee Print on 285 gsm

84 x 100 cm

Edition of 10


We live in a Universe that dances with vibrations at every scale. 6,328 painted dashes signify this multitude of oscillations:  

The lowest bar represents the great pressure waves of matter and light

at the beginning of time with a cycle of around one million years, and the faint dashed line at the top - the beating electric and magnetic fields of the light made when two protons collide in the Sun.

Between, are the cycles of the Sun, our Earth years, days and nights,

the human heart and the sound of our voices.  

Travelling upwards from the single pale blue line, each horizon

represents a doubling of frequency. The fastest rhythms at the top are ten thousand million million million million million times quicker than the slowest.



Geraldine works with all types of people to share the beauty of our knowledge. Her projects encompass dance, visual arts, and giant public art collaborations and experiments. She has degrees in physics and fine art and began her project called ‘Finding Patterns’ in 2011 at Imperial College London with an ‘Artist in Residence Award’ from the Leverhulme Trust. Since then, her work has grown to involve scientists from around the world. In 2020, she was awarded the prestigious "Andrew Gemant Award" from the American Institute of Physics for "reaching a remarkable range of people in innovative ways and sharing her passion for the expression of physical truths". On any given day, she can be found with young people in a Rochdale Mosque, hosting neurodiverse youngsters at Imperial College London, in a local school for the deaf, and before a lecture hall of physicists at Oxford University. They will likely be exploring the Sun, the heart of the atom, the origins of light, the myriad interactions that create our world, or how to live safely on spaceship Earth.

Universe [print edition]

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