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50 X 70cms.

Archival Glicee print diptich

Framed edition of 3


This image pictures a view into the perimeter of the birth place of Raoul Wallenberg (Swedish diplomat who saved many lives in Budapest) where he spent his boyhood, which is on Lidingö an island in the Stockholm archipelago, which is now part of Kappsta nature reserve. Its a beautiful wild and bucolic place and historically resonant too - connecting to childrens’ often close connection to nature.


Sarah’s practice is based in photography and film and has extended into publication and performance. Her recent work has focussed on re-enacting and repurposing historical works of literature or cinema as a means to animate present-day concerns. Her work reflects on the central position of photography and cinema in relation to questions of representation, realism and authorship.

Two Views, Kappsta, Lidingo (Stockholm) 2018-21

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