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Archival inkjet print on Somerset Satin Enhanced 330gsm

42 × 29·7 cm

Edition #10 of 25


Exhibiting multimedia work for over 25 years, Hopton’s celebratory, largely joyful and exuberant practice has echoes of craft and the handmade. 

Preoccupied with a botanical and vegetable world largely cultivated by herself for more than a decade now, she works effortlessly in collage, sculpture, photography, textiles and print to create powerful images combining the lineage of her namesake Georgia O’Keefe with the sensuality of Louise Bourgeois and the style of Lucienne Day. 

The flower is the perfect vehicle for sublimating the gamut of human emotions and for the Portfolio she has contributed one of her many tulip ‘portraits’ — this photograph was taken in ‘2013’. The explosive quality of the flowers caught here is harnessed by a blue square — a nod to constructivism and a compositional gambit by the artist to let you know that the depiction of beauty is not the only thing concerning her.

Two Tulips with Blue Square

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