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Silkscreen print on Somerset Tub Sized 410gsm

29·7 × 29·7 cm

Edition #24 of 10


As an artist Craig-Martin has bridged the Dublin of his birth with the optimistic but increasingly consumerist America of his student years at Yale university in the 1960s. As a lecturer at Goldsmiths he brought the maverick confidence of the young Americans to a new generation of young British artists and had a significant influence on the pioneering iconoclasts of the next generation. 

Throughout his long career Craig-Martin has explored the visual, linguistic, and referential character of everyday objects which he has realised through a variety of media including paintings, sculpture, prints and computer animations. His work is now held in numerous museum collections around the world as his legendary significance within British Art is celebrated.

For the Portfolio the artist has maintained his artistic proposition of only making images of fabricated, non-natural objects by taking his iconic image of tulips from the well-known photograph by Robert Mapplethorpe, rather than from actual flowers. His signature lines and block colour transform the image into bold contemporary design.


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