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Archival inkjet print on Somerset Satin Enhanced 330gsm

29·7 × 29·7 cm

Edition #10 of 25


American-born Liliane Lijn has worked across a range of media including kinetic sculpture, film, performance and collage for over five decades. At the heart of her working practice is an aesthetic investigation of science and technology revealed in a playful series of works drawing on the semantics of language, mythology, light and matter. This practice has been enabled by a series of collaborations with scientists in colleges, laboratories and institutions for example in 2005 she was artist in residence at the Space Sciences Laboratory at Berkeley. 

In 1974, Lijn was invited to participate in the International Festival for Democracy in Chile at the Royal College of Art, London where she originally staged her seminal Power Game. This has been re-staged many times subsequently for example at the ICA in 2009, as a socio-political live performance set in an imaginary casino.

For Turkish Tulips, Lijn introduced a new card to the game with ‘Tulip’ on one side. Her print for the Portfolio is a layout from The Poem Game, the intention of which is to free players from preconceived ideas of what a poem might be, with prepared or imagined word sequences adding to the changes that occur during each round.

Tulip Mine

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