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3D printed in recycled PLA (corn starch bioplastic)

70 x 50 x 60cm


This is a portrait of Sharon Tailfeathers wearing a hat made by her daughter, Deserae Tailfeathers. The Tailfeathers are part of the Blackfoot Nations of Siksika in Canada. Blackfoot, like many indigenous peoples have a deep connection to the land and ecosystems that are central to their cultures, languages, and livelihoods. This sculpture is seeking to bring attention to how the effects of colonialism cannot be discounted from any discussion about the climate crisis. As Blackfoot Knowledge Keeper and scholar Leroy Little Bear says: “We're not talking about either Western science or native science. What we're talking about is a marriage of the two, because that'll bring about enrichment. That's what we refer to as a holistic approach.” 


Ian Dawson is an artist and educator. He has exhibited worldwide with a focus on materiality (Making Contemporary Sculpture, Crowood Press, 2012). Recent work explores the intersection between 3D additive processes and digital imaging technologies. He has recently collaborated with The Compound 13 Lab to explore 3D printing and plastic recycling in Dharavi, Mumbai, India (2020-23) and has contributed to a unique set of art/archaeology projects which explores the creative applications of cultural heritage imaging techniques (Diffracting Digital Images, Routledge 2021)

Tailfeather's Portrait

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