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Framed with museum glass

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Building on ongoing projects responding to the landscape, community and tourism-led economic infrastructure of Engelberg in Switzerland, Remains (End of the World) is part of a small set of photographs observing the disappearance of snow a the end of the winter. Why does snow linger in certain pockets while it has melted all around this patch? As with many other projects, the starting point here is the the materiality of winter that not only defines and forms the landscape of the valley but also drives the leisure economy that is crucial to Engelberg’s ongoing existence. However, from here, through film and photography, the work launches an aesthetic investigation, considering ice and snow in conditions of darkness and illumination, as both beautiful and abject, as both subject and setting.


Melanie Manchot is a London-based visual artist who works with photography, film, video and installation as part of a performative and participatory practice. Her projects often explore specific sites and public spaces to locate notions of individual and collective identities. The work investigates particular gestures and forms of movement or activities that become the marker of a group or community.

Remains (End of the World)

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