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Hand stitched cotton and linen quilt,

partially hand dyed patches made with Madder, Indigo and Avocado.

W 181 cm x H 115 cm


Polly creates hand-stitched cloth works and drawings, engaging in a meditative practice that balances the everyday through a method of working ‘little and often’. Her work is rooted in the belief that materials intrinsically connect us to our worlds, exploring the objects, shapes, and events that surround, intertwine, and entangle us.


Polly’s inspiration comes from a diverse array of sources including street furniture, the elemental realm, Dartmoor, tors, paper planes, flags, beehives, tents, igloos, architectural details, ships and meteorites. Each piece engages deeply with the textures of everyday experience.

Flag Map Quilt

Excluding VAT
  • Commissions on request

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