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 1/10 - 2024

Materials: Ochre on archival paper

Dimensions 30cm x 42cm



Sphere abstraction of early mark-making from mouth-blown pigments used in hand stencils (40-64,000 years old) of the Upper Paleolithic, the first evidence of human presence, the dawn of human creativity and imagination.

Recalling the spray of ochre around hands in cave art, stars, industrial paint application, and microscopy, the diffused sphere is a platonic form that evokes the cosmos, the shimmering particles suggesting an energy field or aura. The dot, a single dimensionless point, symbolises seed energy, a unified cosmos in unmanifest conditions.


Eveleigh Evans are time travellers who work with borrowed magic. Traversing time and culture they translate what persists in materials and meaning, speaking to our common humanity and relationship with nature. Working at the intersection of anthropology and ecology they explore themes of collective identity and our environment through power, myth, culture and technology.


Phase (Earth shadows)

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