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Acrylic paint and pencil on Gesso board  

92cm x 92cm


Meeting of the Emperors and the Essence of Nature Series.


Within the Sacred Geometry of Eve’s Grid a Purple Emperor Butterfly and the Emperor Dragonfly 

are suspended. 


Jessica searches for connections between the growth of the organic line and the patterns of sacred geometry. How we respond to geometry on a very cellular level and how we attach to that meaning.  Jessica works with creatures which have a symbolism that resonates. She is interested in the way humans project ideas onto the animal kingdom.


All these pieces are a prayer to the Natural world to survive and transform itself.


Known and recognised for her use of sacred geometry in her drawings and paintings of bees, butterflies, insects and wildlife Jessica Albarns’ multidisciplinary practice extends to film making, printmaking, whilst also exploring materials such as clay, wax and honey in the creation of her multilayered dioramas.


Devoted to raising awareness of the importance and plight of these important insects and creatures Jessica Albarn works with many conservation charities such as The Bumblebee conservation Trust.

This ethos has also led to the creation of an ‘insect friendly’ meadow in Devon to support Bees and the local wildlife whilst also being a space to explore ideas and gather research.

Meeting of the Emperors

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