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Giclée Hahnemühle Photo Rag

19.7" x 14.8" (500mm x 375mm)

Artist Proof

This artwork is unframed - framing costs are additional.


Iron is made from the fusion of elements in stars. It arrived on Earth millions of years ago in the form of meteorite showers after a powerful luminous stellar explosion or supernova, when the lifetime of a star is exhausted. Iron is an essential element for life as it is involved in a wide variety of metabolic processes, including oxygen transport, deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) synthesis, and electron transport. Every living being: plant, animal, bacteria, even cancer cells rely on iron to flourish. The movement of iron through the biosphere is mainly controlled by plants and is an essential trace element required for the production of chlorophyll.

Kelly Hill is a photographer, curator and artist. She works closely with the Architect, Michael Pawlyn on the production of creative content for exhibition, film, publication and online, including Flourish (Pawlyn & Ichioka), Buey’s Acorns (Ackroyd & Harvey), Future Knowledge (Modern Art Oxford) and Designing with Nature (The Architecture Foundation).

Using the medium of photography, drawing, walking, making and installation, Kelly investigates what it is to be a part of nature, and how one establishes a reciprocal relationship with it. Examining how it has shifted-metaphorically, politically, and climatically.

On her residency at Groundwork Gallery in 2023 Kelly became captivated by chalk and made a series of works titled “Creta” that explored the beauties and threats to the very fragile chalk rivers of Norfolk.

56/26 Fe, Castle Rising / Ling Common iron-rich mud

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