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3 colour screen print on Fedrigoni Sirio 100gsm black paper, signed ‘CR’ in bottom corner

70x 50cm 


Part of a fly posting edition [most have been used on the street already], we can offer 2 for sale, one blue, one green.


John West, Tuna Chumps are two posters from an ongoing overfishing campaign created by Ocean Rebellion. The posters call out John West for purchasing tuna caught by a cruel fishing technique, dFADs. A fishing technique which is decimating marine life in the Indian Ocean.


This Ain’t Rock’n’Roll is the studio of Clive Russell and Charlie Waterhouse. Their work inspires change, most famously in the look and feel of Extinction Rebellion and the Brixton Pound. This Ain’t Rock’n’Roll’s work has been exhibited and collected by the V&A, MoMA, British Museum, and Smithsonian, among others.


Michael Collins is one half of the troublemaking print duo Paris 68 Redux. He has collaborated with This Ain’t Rock’n’Roll on many projects, including Extinction Rebellion, Ocean Rebellion and the David Graeber Institute.

John West, Tuna Chumps

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