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HAM is a London-based freelance art director, illustrator and composer with Namibian roots. His work blends digital art, pop culture and Afrofuturism, deeply influenced by his multicultural Afro-Anglo heritage and upbringing.

After graduating with an Architecture degree from the University of Newcastle in 2015, he spent two years training as a music producer and sound engineer in London and Los Angeles before eventually going full time freelance in 2018. Since then, he has collaborated with leading global brands like Nike, MTV and Adidas, earning accolades such as the Immersive Opera Award (2019), BIMA100 (2023) and New Narratives (2023). These collaborations have honed my skills in creative direction, visual storytelling, brand partnerships and multimedia project management.

In 2019 he led the immersive virtual and augmented reality project "Munkination" with the Royal Opera House, designed to integrate classical opera with modern digital media, creating a unique, multi-sensory experience that explores themes of humanity and climate change. In 2023, he created the "Ancestral Futures" collection for Caerbladdon and the British Council, addressing social equity and global themes through vivid colours and compelling narratives.

His work explores identity and resilience, aiming to inspire and provoke thought, creating art that drives meaningful dialogue. His work helps brands and organisations tell impactful stories that resonate with young audiences, using art to connect, challenge, and envision a shared future.


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