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Antique clock case, cup, duck egg, fur

27 x 16 x 11cm


Attempting to hold pure light in a sealed container of inverted gravity, beginnings. Warm as a womb, we encounter a glasshouse effect on a carpet of fur while life is shining in its purest state, held by a gold light bath.



The seed of creation, life essence, feminine power.


* Please note, the power within can only be truly unleashed if the owner is sincere in their intention and ready for personal development. Also be aware of the perishable nature of the elements in the sculpture, the process of decay is part of the nature of the artwork.


Cristina Reyes is a mixed media artist interested in expanding the collective subconscious and opening up new ways of seeing the world. She looks into otherness and what is hidden or forgotten, allowing symbols from the unconscious to emerge. By morphing shapes into unexpected forms and placing found objects in new contexts, she generates opportunities for new existence. Through this metamorphosis, the transfigured forms become talisman-like pieces capable of holding otherworldly powers. Reyes explores her subjects through a variety of media: painting, drawing, sculpture, installation and video performance.


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