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Letter from the founder


As many of you know I, Deborah Curtis, with my partner Gavin Turk and our many wonderful collaborators, have been on a mission to transform imagination, creativity, and critical thinking in young people for the last 20 years. Through our small arts and education arts charity - *The House of Fairy Tales* - we have produced miraculous and groundbreaking projects out of sheer determination, goodwill and our incredible networks. Many of you will have experienced one of the hundreds of events, exhibitions, and publications and resources we have facilitated in partnership with many of the biggest institutions in the UK (as well as some of the smallest and most brilliant). We have worked with hundreds of inspiring artists and creatives at all levels as well as experts and people with lived experience in all sectors. Our current mission is building on that work: to produce our most ambitious project yet. * The Great Imagining * Like many of you, I have spent all my life longing to see a greener, fairer, wiser world for all humans and the precious species of flora and fauna we share our ecosystems with. Empathy with nature, compassion, teamwork and communication with other humans as well as confidence and love for ourselves, has always been at the *heart* of our mission. Religion without a religion. Belief without being clear what to believe. This work has been crystallising over the last 4 years as the *Climate and Ecological Emergency* (greener) has lurched into public consciousness and *Social Justice* (fairer) has become a mainstream and very public debate. We urgently need to shift the narratives about ourselves and our world (wiser), so that we can all feel the possibilities of a future where our ecosystems can be regenerated, our economic systems tranformed, and our relationships with ourselves and each other healed. Or this transformation will be done for us by the mysterious and humbling laws of nature. We will always be in research mode but we are now ready to start taking actions. The vision behind these actions is called *The Great Imagining*. This concept is as much about humility and self-awareness (the wiser bit) as it is about social justice (the fairer bit is vital) and regenerative ecology (the greener bit is of course sacrosanct to sustaining life in all its biodiversity). Please join us on this journey towards a regenerative world that honours the awe and wonder of this extraordinary life on a miracle planet. Deborah xxx

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