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What was the First Pilot?


This event was the first in our national programme to re-wild public imagination.


It took  place in The Ideas Factory - a warehouse in Canning Town

over 4 days and 3 evenings from 18th to the 22nd of November.


The concept is a hybrid of a futures exhibition, trade fair, think tank,

symposium, citizens assembly, information exchange, book fair,

design, science and arts festival.


The experience of the audience started with an orientation

and includes ideas researching, interaction, gaming.

Highlights included:

Step into to the Amazon, Journey to 2017 (interactive gaming) Ethical Tech Hackathon, Corn Dolly exhibition, art and design for the future. Contributions from Handsworth Association of Schools, Royal School of Needlework, Kambebas Community, Ayowecca Uganda, Margate arts, Cornish arts and many more...

Workshops included:

Design Thinking and Science investigations with special guests. Engineering, Cyonotypes, What does the Future Smell like? Botanical illustration, Seed research & development, Carbon Literacy interactive. Corn Dolly making, darning and upcycling.

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