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NeoAncients 2024 is the second annual Subculture Music & Culture book festival, presented in collaboration with the town’s landmark Sub Rooms.  This year the focus was on Folk Culture and the way the traditions and customs of the past inhabit our present and inform our future.  NeoAncients, one and all, Artists, Musicians, Authors, Actors, Comedians and DJs came together to explore the space between the real and the imaginary, and how deep time is alive within each of us.

3 days of performances across the first weekend of May 2024

Many incredible performances and talks from Zakia Sewell's wise and curious exploration of English identity from a cross-cultural perspective; John Pilkington's unique knowledge of magic and music; Gruff Rhys’s Welsh whimsicality; Bridget Christie’s 21st century wise woman; Jarvis Cocker’s sonic explorations of paganism; Jeremy Deller holding forth on why Art really is Magic; plus Druids, folklore films, immersive experiences, Morris sides and weird, Weird Walks.  

5 May 2024

TGI Editor

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