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TGI supported campaign

The Great Imagining supports the #WeAreNature campaign to change the UK dictionary definitions of the word ‘nature’ to include humans (who are currently excluded).

Our language, words and definitions have a huge impact and influence on society; our aim is that anyone searching for the meaning of 'nature' will see there is a wider alternative and this could impact court cases, legislation and education. By remembering we are a part of Nature, we hope we can strengthen our ability to protect it. 

@wearenature.campaign, started by @lawyersfornature & @houseofhackney, is supported by a fast-growing group of organisations, charities, academics, artists, writers, politicians, activists and school children who believe passionately that humans are a part of Nature. We hope that amplifying this message will help us to protect the natural world, for ourselves, and for future generations.

If you agree that you are a part of Nature, please head to @wearenature.campaign to sign the petition via the link in their bio.

Artwork by @neiljburnell


TGI Editor

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