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acrylic, glass pen & varnish on found oyster shell on wooden plinth, 




Alice Herrick makes sensual, playful, theatrical and unsettling work, usually following the thread of an idea through a series of drawings, paintings, sculpture, installation, photography, film or performance to explore the dark and celebrate the light in human and animal expression, patterns in nature and material possibilities.


Alice has an M.A. in Painting from Chelsea College of Art and a 1st class B.A in Fine Art from Kingston University. She was born in London and lives and works in Margate.


Since relocating to Margate last year, Alice’s practice has expanded and adapted to incorporate both natural and discarded materials found on daily beach walks. The World is your Oyster is an ongoing series of painted faces inspired by the pareidolia experienced within the natural patterns of oyster shells. The titles in this series are ‘in loving memory’ of those whose names feature on the benches overlooking the beaches.


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