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materials: recycled plant-based bioplastic (rPLA),  plant, soil

66cm x 18cm x 20cm


The exhibited 'Aënna' is the first prototype for an edition of 8, which can be pre-ordered (ready end of July). 


Aënna is made with 3D printed recycled plant-based bioplastic and part of a body of work that thinks about relationships between nature, machines and humanity, challenging dualisms of 'natural' and 'artificial'. Beyond the post-industrial, anthropocentric landscape, a series of bioinspired, modular forms sprout in speculative futures, named after asteroid 1155 Aënna it is the first prototype and smallest of a series of sculptures that hybridise memories of an Endless Column* and a Living Pyramid**


*Constantin Brâncuși and Agnes Denes


Marie-Louise Jones is an Hackney-based artist challenging dualisms of nature and artifice, whilst exploring socio-material entanglements in the post-industrial, anthropocentric landscape. Completing her Masters at Central St Martins as recipient of the prestigious Mona Hatoum Scholarship, then went on to assist Mona Hatoum throughout 2021-22. Exhibitions include; the Barbican Centre (2023), Saatchi Gallery (2022) and Tate Modern (2020)


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