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Photograph printed on Aspidistra leaf

Cast in bio resin fossil.



Studies on my grandma’s garden.

The Act of Producing.

The Pigment Change.

Almudena Romero (b. 1986) is a British-Spanish artist based in London. This installation attests to the years-long research conducted by Romero into sustainable and naturally occurring photographic techniques. Her work explores the impact of artistic production on the climate, and investigates the role which artists can play in the face of the climate emergency. 

Romero creates photographic prints by using sunlight to bleach the chlorophyll pigments in plant leaves, without the need for synthetic chemicals or inks. The naturally occurring quality of the plants she prints onto can affect the image she creates. Each leaf has a unique chemistry, with different tonal variations. The result is that in each leaf, the images she prints appear to a lesser or greater degree. Plants, therefore, become more than a subject matter – they act as a creative agent within the photographic process. 

In many cases, Romero has chosen to print human hands onto the leaves, in a nod to the interdependence between plants and humans within our ecosystem. These fragile, ephemeral works are then encased in resin, in a process which alludes to fossilisation. This process raises questions of legacy and permanence, which are pertinent in the context of the climate crisis.

Aspidrista hand oval

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